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Gameplex Group
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Unit Investment Funds

Asset Value Increase

Stable Coupon Income

Investor’s profit

Investment Platform

You can incredibly improve your
revenue by obtaining a share of
Unit Investment Funds on the
Gameplex Platform.

There are three different funds named after the strategy of capital management: Conservative, Balanced, Progressive. By investing in them you will obtain a share of its fund. Each month the value of the assets increases from 8% to 15%, and stable coupon income generates from 2% to 3% revenue per month depending on the selected fund.

These funds allow you to achieve from 9 to 27% monthly profit on your investment during a 12 months period with the ability to withdraw profit each week and invested capital after the end of this period.

Company Insight

You might have a question about how Gameplex Group can guarantee stable revenue on your investments.

The answer lies in the internal processes of the company.

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    Gameplex Group makes a profit by professionally betting on eSports. Our process starts from collecting information about the team and players which will affect the next game results.

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    We have access to accurate insights through former and current professional players, eSports coaches and a team of analysts. Also, specially designed artificial intelligence bots constantly supply important information from the Internet about the current state of the industry.

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    All the information is analyzed using Gamplex software with big data technology to predict results of the games with high accuracy. By the way machine learning algorithms constantly improve the effectiveness of predictions.

Gameplex Funds

We have developed the
most profitable
investment offers for you.

Firstly we were operating with our own capital to make bets. After defining the most profitable betting strategies we decided to attract the capital of private investors.

We have created three Unit Investment Funds in the beginning of 2020 with almost $3mln of authorized capital. Registered users can buy a fund share on Gameplex online platform which allows investors to receive from 9% to 27% monthly profit.

  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Progressive
  • 9-12%monthly income
  • 18-21%monthly income
  • 24-27%monthly income
  • Available without restrictions
  • Available after investments are made to the Conservative Fund
  • Available after investments are made to the Balanced Fund
  • Minimum amount of investment: 100$
  • Minimum amount of investment: 200$
  • Minimum amount of investment: 300$
  • Minimum amount of investment: Unlimited
  • Maximum amount of investment: 60% of the capital in the Conservative Fund
  • Maximum amount of investment: 60% of the capital in the Balanced Fund

Profitability Reports

Trust is the most important value in our investment business. That is why we want to build an open and honest relationship with the investors and keep information about our business accessible for everyone.

Obviously, the entire history of deals and investment is a trade secret of any financial company. The long-term success of a business depends on the safety of information about indicators, the content of the investment portfolio and the investment strategy.

In order to build trust with potential investors we decided to open access to profitability reports and video demonstration of our account on the popular betting platform.

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Gameplex Investment Platform is the main
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